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Building Computers

Updated - Feb 28, 2016 By - Computers

Computer parts and tools

This page introduces the basic concepts and requirements of building a computer.

Computer Maintenance

(For Windows devices and including 3rd-party maintenance apps)

Updated - Aug 19, 2016 By - Computers

Computer Maintenance

Here are some useful computer maintenance tips to help you speed up your computer or Windows device.

Computer Accessibility

Updated - March 4, 2017 By - Computers

Computer Accessibility Awareness

Computer accessibility awareness info. If you have any accessibility requirements, devices, tools, software, or tips and tricks you recommend, why not let people know in the comments?

My Computer

Updated - Dec 19, 2016 By Grant Barker - Computers

My Computer

A quick rundown of my old PC and its individual parts. The video card is the newest component. Which components would you upgrade first, and why?

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