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GrantBarker.com is my personal site, and contact base. I used to have a couple of sites, one about ROMs for Galaxy Note phones, and the other about Computer info. These are hobbies, and I decided to put them both together. (You might notice the difference in page style in different sections. I'll fix that in time.)

It's all hobby stuff, and if you have any opinions, feel free to leave a comment or get in touch.

The ROM pages are not likely to get updated for a while. However, I'm holding out for the next Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge, so things could change in the coming months.

As for the Android app screenshot pages, they go back a long time, so I've kept them just for reference really, but I might occasionaly add some new apps if I find anything cool or interesting.

The computer pages aim to offer fun and practical info to help or interest computer users - especially newcomers to Windows®.

If you're new to Windows®, you might appreciate some of the information here.

  • Security: Windows 8 and 10 come with Windows Defender. However, if you'd like to try a different security app for Windows, see the Free Security Apps page.
  • Performance: If your Windows® device is running slowly or strangely, try the tips on the Windows 10 Maintenance page or Computer Maintenance page.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: You can learn more about Windows®, and quicker ways to get things done, with the Keyboard Shortcuts page.
  • Accessibility: If you have particular accessibility needs, knowledge or experience, why not share information with others on the Computer Accessibility information page.
  • Windows 10® free upgrade: Don't forget that Microsoft's free Windows 10® upgrade offer is still available for those using 'assistive technologies'.

Any apps on this site are recommended from reputation and experience.

Of course most people have a computer, and many of them love their own setups and can do their own thing.

If you'd like to write any articles, let me know.

I'm rather old school, so forgive the icons and site design. Although stock photos look more modern, I really can't get into them.

The search function is being worked on. Please let me know of any items you searched for, but couldn't find.

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