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Popular anti-malware apps and magnifying glass

Second Opinion Anti-Malware

Updated - Apr 9, 2017 By - Apps

Some second opinion anti-malware apps can be better than security suites at finding and removing malware. Here are a few of the more popular second opinion anti-malware apps.

Image of malware and magnifying glass

Malicious Software Removal Tool

Posted - Dec 24, 2016 By - Apps

Every month Windows Update downloads and scans once for Malware, with the Malicious Software Removal Tool. Here's how to download and use the manual version.

Audio Players for Windows

Audio Players for Windows

Updated - Feb 28, 2017 By - Apps

Here are some of the more popular audio players for Windows, from the old-school classic Winamp, to the impressive and modern AIMP.

Free Security Apps for Windows

Free Security Apps for Windows

Updated - March 10, 2017 By - Apps

For Windows 10 & 8 users, the built-in Windows Defender has got you covered. If you prefer to try a different security app for Windows, here are the more popular free ones.

Free Office Suites for Windows

Free Office Suites for Windows

Updated - Feb 20, 2017 By - Apps

If your need for an office app doesn't really justify spending money, you can still get the full office experience with these popular free office suites.

Web Browsers for Windows

Web Browsers for Windows

Updated - Mar 19, 2017 By - Apps

Whether you need speed, privacy, security, colour, clean lines, straight edges, round curvy tabs, add-ons or developer tools, the web browser you're looking for should be here.

Start menus for Windows

Start Menus for Windows

Updated - Feb 17, 2017 By - Apps

Here are the most popular third-party Start menus for Windows. They are simple to install, and you can easily switch back to the default Windows menu at any time.

Tools for Windows

Tools for Windows

Updated - Dec 23, 2016 By - Apps

Here are a few select tools to help your Windows device, or help you know more about your Windows device. If you're looking for all types of software, see the included links.

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