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Android Benchmark Apps (screenshots)

Here you can find some Android benchmark apps. They're in no particular order.

3D Mark logo
4Gmark (Speedtest & Benchmark)

'4Gmark is a tool offering a comprehensive and reliable benchmark of the quality of service for smartphones. It allows you to compare smartphones, networks or places on every technologies 2G (Edge, Gprs), 3G..'

4Gmark (Speedtest & Benchmark) - Test Results

4Gmark (Speedtest & Benchmark) - History

4Gmark (Speedtest & Benchmark) - Home

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Basemark X - logo
Basemark X

'Basemark® X by Rightware® is a professional gaming performance benchmark for objective cross platform comparisons between Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 devices Basemark X features heavy graphics content..'

Basemark X - Main screen

Basemark X - Benchmark in progress

Basemark X - Results

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Vellamo Mobile Benchmark - logo
Vellamo Mobile Benchmark

'Vellamo is designed to be an accurate, easy-to-use suite of system-level benchmarks for devices based on Android 4.0 forward. Vellamo began as a mobile web benchmarking tool that today has expanded to include..'

Vellamo Mobile Benchmark - Benchmark Now

Vellamo Mobile Benchmark - Explore Score

Vellamo Mobile Benchmark - Explore All Results

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Android Bench - logo
Android Bench

'This application measures the CPU and memory performance of your Android phone or tablet by running a suite of 13 benchmark tests. The suite includes several popular benchmarks such as WhetStone, LinPack..'

Android Bench - Running

Android Bench - Main page

Android Bench - Results in detail

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'Use Ookla Speedtest for easy, one-tap connection testing in under 30 seconds - accurate anywhere thanks to our global network. Millions of users have made Ookla Speedtest the #1 app for testing..' - Begin Test - Speed test in progress - Results

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AnTuTu Benchmark - logo
AnTuTu Benchmark

'One of the most popular, free Android smart phone and tablet benchmarking app in the world! Over 100,000,000 users. No.1 benchmarking app for technology addicts, bloggers, and enthusiasts..'

AnTuTu Benchmark - Test Result

AnTuTu Benchmark - Comparisons

AnTuTu Benchmark - Details

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Quadrant Standard Edition - logo
Quadrant Standard Edition

'Quadrant is a CPU, I/O and 3D graphics benchmark. The Standard Edition requires an Internet connection to compute benchmark results and is supported by ads. The application does not work on devices with..'

Quadrant Standard Edition -  - Main screen

Quadrant Standard Edition - benchmark in progress

Quadrant Standard Edition - Your Device Score

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3D Mark logo
3DMark - The Gamer's Benchmark

'Benchmark your Android device with 3DMark, the world's most popular performance test. Use 3DMark to test the performance of your smartphone or tablet, then see how it compares with..'

3DMark - The Gamer's Benchmark - Main screen - Choose benchmark

3DMark - The Gamer's Benchmark - Benchmarking

3DMark - The Gamer's Benchmark - Results

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CF-Bench - logo

'CF-Bench is (mainly) CPU and memory benchmark tool specifically designed to be able to handle multi-core devices, produce a fairly stable score, and test both native as well managed code performance..'

CF-Bench Pro v1.3 - Start screen

CF-Bench Pro 1.3 - Comparison scores

Browser screenshot of CF-Bench thread at XDA Developers

Get it from Google Play now. | XDA thread

GPU benchmark 3D - logo
GPU benchmark 3D

'GPUbench is a powerfull GPU tester. Test the graphic processing performance of your mobile device with this intense GPU test. With this free GPU benchmarking app you can see how well your phone or..'

GPU benchmark 3D - Results

GPU benchmark 3D - Results

GPU benchmark 3D - Results

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GFXBench 3.0 3D Benchmark - logo
GFXBench 3.0 3D Benchmark

'GFXBench is a free, cross-platform and cross-API 3D graphics benchmark that measures graphics performance, long-term performance stability, render quality and power consumption with a single..'

GFXBench 3.0 3D Benchmark - Main screen

GFXBench 3.0 3D Benchmark - Latest results

GFXBench 3.0 3D Benchmark - T-Rex benchmark in progress

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Basemark OS II - logo
Basemark OS II

'Basemark OS II is a cross-platform "All-In-One" benchmark that evaluates the overall performance of any Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 smartphones and tablets for easy comparison. Simply press..'

Basemark OS II - Run Benchmark

Basemark OS II - Results

Basemark OS II - Extra Tests

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Bonsai Benchmark - logo
Bonsai Benchmark

'Bonsai Benchmark is a free application which will test 3D and next-gen Post-Processing performance of your device. Benchmark consists of several tests including: Static Lighting (Lightmaps), Dynamic Per Vertex..'

Bonsai Benchmark - Specular/Normal Mapped Leaves (Count 500)

Bonsai Benchmark - Sepia

Bonsai Benchmark - Results

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Basemark GUI Free logo
Basemark GUI Free

'Basemark® GUI Free offers a true graphical user interface benchmark for application developers and consumers who want to measure how fast their device’s hardware performs in the context of graphical user..'

Basemark GUI Free - Main screen

Basemark GUI Free - Benchmark in progress

Basemark GUI Free - Benchmark result

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