About - Grant Barker

I'm Grant. A 48 year old living in Japan and originally from the UK.

I've been a PC enthusiast since about Windows 98, and a Windows 10 user since the beginning of the Windows Insider Program.

I enjoy anything to do with PCs, so I started making content for fun, and to remind people of simple ways they can enjoy, or enhance their PC and Windows experience.

The ROM stuff goes back to the day when I started customizing smart phones, and became a forum member at XDA Developers.

For the past 12 years I've been living in Japan - where I teach English conversation to groups, individuals, and on Skype. I also teach computers.

Other pursuits have included living in France and the US, and studying for and getting my Commercial Helicopter License (FAA).

I'm always interested in self-improvement, and looking to work with like-minded and positive people.

That's about it. Feel free to contact me if you'd like, and thanks for visiting.


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