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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Community Links. Visit XDA Developers, Android Central and Phandroid - 3 very popular Android Forums.(Original image by abdelrahman) - Samsung Galaxy Note 3 ROMs and Community Links

Galaxy Note 3 ROMs

[29 February, 2016] - [Day-Month-Year]

SM-N900 Exynos





US Cellular

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Please note: These ROMs might not be compatible with your particular Galaxy Note 3. Always read the forum threads carefully.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Unboxing & Review Video Description: Unboxing and Review

Marques Brownlee

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review! - Marques Brownlee

Erica Griffin

NOTE 3: All You Need to Know Video Description: Galaxy Note 3: All you need to know

AndroidPolice + Article

Top 10 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Features Video Description: Top 10 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Features

Lucidmike78 - Featured Playlists

Galaxy Note 3 Tips & Tricks Ep. 1: Touchscreen Improvements Vs. Note 2 Video Description: Galaxy note 3 Touchscreen Improvements Vs. Note 2
Galaxy Note 3 Tips & Tricks Episode 5: Multiwindow Improvements on the Galaxy Note 3 & Usage Tips Video Description: Galaxy Note 3 Multiwindow Improvements

Development and Customization Videos

Marques Brownlee

Rooting & Jailbreaking: Explained! - Marques Brownlee

Jared Busch

HOW TO ROOT: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 WARRANTY SAFE - Easy and User Friendly


How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - xdadevelopers
Great XDA Mods - Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - xdadevelopers

How to Root the ATT (SM-N900A) Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Many of the links on this page link to XDA Developers or other forums.

I'm not affiliated with XDA Developers or any other forums in any way, other than being an active registered forum member or Recognized Contributor. As an enthusiast and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 owner, I've made this page to help Samsung Galaxy Note 3 owners quickly find information they might be looking for. Please follow any advice at your own risk.


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Thanks abdelrahman for the original Galaxy Note 3 .psd.