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This site is about Computers for Beginners, but I also keep an eye on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 + 3 Custom ROMs, Health, Hope, Life, and other stuff. Thanks for visiting.

Grant Barker

Building Computers

Many people build their own computer, so that they can have a system more suitable for their needs. Here's a brief introduction to building computers.

Image for Building Computers

Computer Maintenance

Does your computer sometimes seem slow, busy or unresponsive? Here are some tips to help you keep your PC running smoothly.

Image for Computer Maintenance

Free Security

If you are looking for a free security solution for your PC, here are some of the more popular choices.

Free Security Software

Web Browsers

Are you experiencing the web the way you want to? There are a few different web browsers available for Windows. Here are most of them.

Web browsers for Windows

Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are a few keyboard shortcuts for Windows. Do you fancy browsing in fullscreen? Try F11.. Do you need to search for a word? Try F3..

Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows

Free Office Suites

If you thought you needed to pay to have an Office Suite on your PC, think again. These are free.

Free Office Suites

Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ROMs [19-10-2014]

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Community Links. Visit XDA Developers, Android Central and Phandroid - 3 popular Android forums. (Original image by abdelrahman) / Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ROMs and Community Links

Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 ROMs [19-10-2014]

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Community Links. Visit XDA Developers, Android Central and Phandroid - 3 popular Android forums. (Original image by abdelrahman) / Samsung Galaxy Note 3 ROMs and Community Links

HTC Desire HD

HTC Desire HD ROMs [19-10-2014]

Image of HTC Desire HD - shortcut to HTC Desire HD ROMs and Resources

How to get Healthy

Here you can find out how to get healthy. Follow those who are getting the results you desire. Click on a face and get inspired!.

Health is.. Feeling it!Matthew Armstrong - Get InspiredDurianrider - Link to Durianrider pageDr. Douglas GrahamDara Dubinet

Raw Food

Raw Food - People thinking for themselves and getting healthy.

Image of a basket of Raw Food. Shortcut to Raw Food page

Why People are going Vegan..

A few videos to help you understand more reasons why people are going vegan.

Why People Are Going Vegan

Hope and Reassurance

Bob Olson from AfterLife TV has done some interesting interviews. If you are looking for Hope and Reassurance and would love to believe in an afterlife, check out his YouTube channel.

Image of Bob Olson from Afterlife TV - An Introduction


Wayne Dyer has helped thousands of people to find a better way to live and love life. If you are searching for that missing something, you might enjoy getting to know him on YouTube.

Image of Wayne Dyer - INSPIRATION - Your Ultimate Calling

Galaxy Note 2 + 3 ROMs [19-10-2014]

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