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Grant - Introduction

Welcome. My name is Grant, I'm 48 years old, and this site was originally built around my enthusiasm for customizing smartphones. Starting in 2010, I kept regularly up-to-date ROM lists for the HTC Desire HD, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 4 smartphones. I also used to screenshot Android apps.

I've also added the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to this site, and I'm keeping my eyes on the next Galaxy Note, if there is one. Obviously we are not sure what to expect since the problems and recall of the Galaxy Note 7.

I get emails asking when the next ROM list for different phones will be updated. It's harder for me to keep all of these lists so up to date nowadays, so I ask you to please share this site on social media and contact me, if you'd like to keep the energy going, and by all means leave a comment in the more recently added comment sections.

My main interest has always been computers, and I moved the computer info - which used to be on this site, to a new site Computers for Everyone, and I'm building that site.

As for me, I'm British and I've lived and worked in England, France, the U.S. and Japan. I've been in Japan for 12 years and I teach Eikaiwa 英会話, which means English conversation.

When I was in my 20s, my dream was to be a helicopter pilot, and I'm grateful to say that I ticked that off my list - by getting my Commercial Helicopter License CPL(H) in the U.S., where I lived at the time.

As I travelled away from the UK, and to pay for flight training, I found myself working in a few different fields, but I especially enjoyed the years I spent working within the Disabled community.

Teaching English conversation in Japan is good fun. It's enjoyable to listen to, communicate with and help others. For many people, it's not just about their English. It's fulfilling to watch them transform - through their own hard work, from quiet, shy individuals, to very curious and confident class members.

There are students of all ages and backgrounds. A few of the older ones sometimes talk about health issues - some of which I've witnessed in my own family.

This led me to search for possible ways to improve health as we get older, and to try to understand why we might have certain ailments in the first place.

Many people have changed their eating habits, diets and lifestyles, and seen their health dramatically improve.

So, I added some Health pages to this site, where we can learn about and watch some of those people.

This site has slimmed down a lot over the years. It will probably keep changing, as things continue to evolve and move forward.

The values I'd like to inspire (on this site or anywhere) are mostly about keeping things simple, living naturally to stay healthy, doing what you enjoy, and helping and working with others.

Thanks for visiting.

All the best,


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