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Grant Barker - logo

Android Music Makers (screenshots)

Here you can find some Android music makers. They're in no particular order.

MikroWave - logo

`Getting to the point straightaway: MikroWave is in essence a "groovebox", a self-contained instrument where multiple sound..'

MikroWave - Sythesizer settings

MikroWave - Drum computer

MikroWave - Keyboard

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PocketBand Lite - logo
PocketBand Lite

`Build high quality tracks as a sequence of loops, mixing synths, drums, audio recordings, analog modulators and arpeggiators..'

PocketBand Lite - Drums

PocketBand Lite - Devices

PocketBand Lite - Modulator

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AUDIOID Free - logo

AUDIOID is an advanced mobile electronic music rhythm composer for Android, combining the mythical TR-808 and TR-909..'

AUDIOID Free - Mixer

AUDIOID Free - Drum Machine

AUDIOID Free - BL-302-2

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Caustic 2 - logo
Cadeli drum machine free

`This app is Drum Machine, so, you can create your own music or use predefined patterns and sounds. This app contains a..'

Cadeli drum machine free - Drumkits

Cadeli drum machine free - Settings

Cadeli drum machine free - Samples

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Caustic 3 - logo

`Caustic 3 is a music creation tool inspired by rack-mount synthesizers / samplers rigs. Everything is real-time and optimized for..'

Caustic 3 - FMSYNTH

Caustic 3 - SEQUENCER

Caustic 3 - VOCODER

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Electrum Drum Machine DEMO - logo
Electrum Drum Machine DEMO

`Electrum Drum Machine DEMO
Programmable drum machine. DEMO RESTRICTIONS: Loading / Saving patches..'

Electrum Drum Machine DEMO - Main screen

Electrum Drum Machine DEMO - Multitouch Pads

Electrum Drum Machine DEMO - Mixer

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RD4 - Groovebox Demo logo
RD4 - Groovebox Demo

`Turn your phone or tablet into a musical instrument! RD4 - Groovebox is a music making app with virtual analog synthesizers..'

RD4 - Groovebox Demo - Analogue 1

RD4 - Groovebox Demo - Sequencer

RD4 - Groovebox Demo - Bassline

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Musical Pro - logo
Musical Pro

`A musical toolkit including instruments (grand piano, piano keyboard, drums, autoharp), tools (metronome, pitch pipe), a game..'

Musical Pro - Piano keyboard

Musical Pro - Harp (Experimental)

Musical Pro - Harp (Experimental)

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Audio Evolution Mobile DEMO - logo
Audio Evolution Mobile DEMO

`"Audio Evolution Mobile is by far the best recording app we've seen for the Android platform" - Computer Shopper Jan 2014..'

Audio Evolution Mobile DEMO - Playing track

Audio Evolution Mobile DEMO - Rack with tracks

Audio Evolution Mobile DEMO - Track options

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Music Maker Jam - logo
Music Maker Jam

`Touch it. Mix it. Share it. With the new free music app MUSIC MAKER JAM for Android you can make your own amazing tracks - it's fun..'

Music Maker Jam - Project

Music Maker Jam - Loops

Music Maker Jam - Mixer

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MixxMachine Studio - logo
MixxMachine Studio

`MixxMachine Studio is a fully featured, 20-channel mobile sound studio! Use it as a Drum Machine or create songs and patterns using..'

MixxMachine Studio - Pattern and Keyboard

MixxMachine Studio - Pattern

MixxMachine Studio - Mixx

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SPC - Music Sketchpad 2 - logo
SPC - Music Sketchpad 2

`Mix, record, play and perform your own electronic music with the SPC – Music Sketchpad 2! It’s the Android app for..'

SPC - Music Sketchpad 2 - Main screen

SPC - Music Sketchpad 2 - FX2 - Distortion

SPC - Music Sketchpad 2 - Load

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FL Studio Mobile - logo
FL Studio Mobile

`FL Studio Mobile allows you to create and save complete multi-track music projects on your Android phone or tablet device..'

FL Studio Mobile - Tracks

FL Studio Mobile - Keyboard

FL Studio Mobile - Limiter

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G-Stomper Studio DEMO - logo
G-Stomper Studio DEMO

`G-Stomper Studio is a Music Production Tool, highly optimized for doing Electronic Live Performances in Studio Quality..'

G-Stomper Studio DEMO - Drum Machine

G-Stomper Studio DEMO - VA-Beast Poly Grid

G-Stomper Studio DEMO - Sampler Track Grid

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